Keynote speakers

Data Science development at scale
by Norbert Wirth

Norbert Wirth

Norbert is a digital, analytics, and innovation leader with exceptional track record and almost two decades of international industry, team and P&L building experience. He draws on his extensive experience in analytical consulting, the digital ecosystem, innovation management, multi asset data platform pioneering, product, and algorithm development. Norbert blends strong commercial sense, profound international management experience, intimate knowledge of the digital ecosystem, agile development, lean startup principles and data design thinking. He’s a seasoned consultant of numerous Fortune 500 companies in questions of Data Science, the digital and big data ecosystem, data driven solutions, analytics, and innovation.

His role in various industry bodies, corporate environments and start-ups makes him a thought leader in digital and data driven solution development, applied artificial intelligence, questions of data privacy and data management. Norbert has a deep understanding of the required skills, capabilities and infrastructure to design, assess, develop, implement and execute data driven digital solutions.