Important dates

  • Submission deadline:
    • February 21st
    • February 28th
    • March 5th
  • Poster Submission deadline:
    • June 1st
  • Camera ready:
    • April 20th
  • Early bird registration:
    • Before May 12th
  • Registration deadline:
    • 15th of June
  • Conference dates:
    • 28th – 30th of June

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CARMA 2023

Internet and Big Data in Economics and Social Sciences

Internet and Big Data in Economics and Social Sciences

5th International Conference on Advanced Research Methods and Analytics
28 June – 30 June, 2023 · Sevilla, Spain

Research methods in economics and social sciences are evolving with the increasing availability of Internet and Big Data sources of information. As these sources, methods, and applications become more interdisciplinary, the 5th International Conference on Advanced Research Methods and Analytics (CARMA) is a forum for researchers and practitioners to exchange ideas and advances on how emerging research methods and sources are applied to different fields of social sciences as well as to discuss current and future challenges.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following topic areas:

  • Internet and Big Data sources in economics and social sciences
    • Google Trends and Search Engine data
    • Social media and public opinion mining
    • Web scraping
    • Geospatial and mobile phone data
    • Open data and public data
  • Big Data methods in economics and social sciences
    • Sentiment analysis
    • Internet econometrics
    • AI and Machine learning applications
    • Statistical learning
    • Information quality and assessment
    • Crowdsourcing
    • Natural Language processing
    • Explainability and interpretability
  • Internet and Big Data applications
    • Politics and social media
    • Sustainability and development
    • Finance applications
    • Official statistics
    • Forecasting and nowcasting
    • Bibliometrics and sciencetometrics
    • Social and consumer behaviour, mobility patterns
    • eWOM and social media marketing
    • Labor market
    • Business analytics with social media
    • Advances in travel, tourism and leisure
    • Digital management
    • Marketing Intelligence analytics
    • Data governance
  • Digital transition and global society
    • Privacy and legal aspects
    • Electronic Government
    • Data Economy
    • Smart Cities
    • Industry adoption

Participants from all over the world are expected to present their latest and unpublished research findings. The program committee encourages the submission of articles that communicate applied and empirical findings of interest to social sciences researchers.

The CARMA 2023 conference will be held on 28 June – 30 June 2023 at the Faculty of Sciences in Economics and Business of the University of Seville (US). The US is more than 5 centuries old, being one of the oldest in Spain and Europe. According to the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) 2021, some of the areas in the Faculty of Sciences in Economics and Business have obtained good positions: Hospitality & Tourism Management (76-100), Management (201-300), Business Administration (301-400) and Economics (301-400).

Sevilla is one of the largest city in Spain and is located in the South of Spain. It is the capital city of Andalucía region.

The organizing committee looks forward to welcoming you all to a fruitful conference with open discussions and important networking to promote high quality research.